the right time to train your subconscious mind

the right time to train your subconscious mind
Photo by Zulmaury Saavedra / Unsplash

Our subconscious mind is not too different from fertile soil. In order for the seeds to be sown properly, they need to go deeper into the soil. The same applies to ingraining thoughts in the subconscious mind.

We need to look for the right times when our conscious thoughts can deeply influence our subconscious mind. A great time to train our subconscious mind to work for us in achieving success is in the morning when we wake up.

Waking up early can be a great habit that we can cultivate because we get a certain period of time when the world is quiet, the conscious energy around us is silent and we have fewer distractions bothering us. This time is analogous to sowing the seeds of great things that we want to achieve in our lives.  

We have to make sure that the conscious thoughts that we think in the morning are positive ones that uplift us. Whatever thoughts we have right after we wake up in the morning will get deeply ingrained in our subconscious.  For instance, if we wake up in the morning and if we have thoughts of lack and fear then that is how our subconscious mind will be trained and we will end up being guided by thoughts of fear and lack the entire day. And it will always find things, events, and people to get us into that state of lack and fear. Hence, we need to make deliberate attempts to think better thoughts and feed our subconscious mind with useful, positive, and uplifting information. If the first thing in the morning that we do is to provide conscious uplifting thoughts of success, love, and abundance to our mind, then those thoughts will get ingrained in our subconscious mind.

Apart from the morning time, there are other times when you can quiet your mind and influence your subconscious. During the day, you can go to a place where you cannot be disturbed, calm your mind and get into a relaxed state. With no distractions, you can think positive thoughts to get realigned. Another great time is before sleeping. As you're about to hit the sack, let go of negativity and start thinking uplifting thoughts of your success and well-being. As you drift to sleep, your subconscious will accept and work on those thoughts the entire night and soon they'll be a part of your perceived reality.

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