things are unfolding in your best interests

things are unfolding in your best interests

“Difficulties in your life do not come to destroy you, but to help you realise your hidden potential and power.”

— Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

We all go through deep and dark valleys in this journey of life. We all face times when negative thoughts of fear, uncertainty, and self-doubt keep us stuck in the downward spiral. When stress, anxiety, and irrational worries course through our nerves and veins. When we find ourselves on the hamster wheel grinding day in and day out without seeing any progress or positive outcomes. When obstacles and setbacks keep conjuring up on our path. When we become overly sensitive and even little, reckless remarks of criticism or opposition pierce through our hearts and souls. When we find ourselves alone and deserted, and sometimes even clueless, struggling to move towards a target or designated destination.

Challenges and roadblocks come in everyone’s lives. And as you go through difficult times, always remember that you are a child of the Lord and you are bigger than the problems you encounter

You have a spark of divinity within you and you are far greater than you have ever imagined being in your wildest dreams. Regardless of what you are experiencing in your life right now, believe that everything is working out for you. Trust that it’s all good, even when it isn’t, and things are unfolding in your best interests. 

It may get messy, overwhelming, and even ugly at times but you must trust the workings of the Universe, as difficult as it may be. You must believe that it is exactly what you need to learn for you to be able to live your personal legend–to grow into the man or woman that you have been destined to become. As Robin Sharma beautifully puts it, “Everything occurring in your life has been perfectly orchestrated to inspire your maximal evolution as a human being and bring you into your true power. Learn from life and allow it to take you where you are meant to go–it has your highest interests in mind.”