how to amass true wealth

how to amass true wealth
“Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants.” ― Epictetus

The Stoics believed that the pursuit of possessions was futile. Less is in fact more. True wealth lies in a simple life, not in material accomplishments. 

When we get rid of clutter and invest in experiential living, we get on the course of living a happier and more intentional life. 

In his book Stuffocation, James Wallman writes, “By having less and doing more, we will be happier, healthier, richer, in every sense: less clutter, less regret, less anxiety, more meaning, more flow, more intrinsic enjoyment, better conversations, more connections, a healthier take on status, and a stronger sense of belonging”

The mountains of junk and non-essentials that pile up in our homes keep us anchored, rob our mental peace, and keep us away from experiencing happiness. Before it gets too late, it’s crucial that we break free from these shackles of overconsumption. Committing to a minimalist lifestyle, cutting back on our consumption, and having fewer meaningful possessions are sound strategies in this regard. 

The less you want, the more you’ll have, it’s as simple as that. The less dependent you are on material possessions and luxuries, the more resilient and powerful you become.

As Francine Jay points out, “When we’re no longer chained to our stuff, we can savor life, connect with others, and participate in our communities. We’re more open to experiences, and better able to recognize and take advantage of opportunities. The less baggage we’re dragging around (both physically and mentally), the more living we can do!”