trusting the almighty when your heartstrings get struck

trusting the almighty when your heartstrings get struck

Think of God as a harpist. He loves you dearly, more than any harpist loves his harp. But when He finds you giving out harsh, discordant sounds, He knows it’s time to tune you. He doesn’t want to hurt His dear child, but He still plucks your heartstrings and strikes them with torturing anguish. If the note is still distorted, He gives a few more sharp, quick blows until the screeches fade away. Then at last when you surrender yourself and say the words “Not my will, but yours be done,” a melody as sweet and pleasing to His ears as the holy chants and hymns of angels, a content smile appears on His face knowing your soul is ready.

When you find yourself amidst incredibly difficult and challenging circumstances and when your life is filled with doom and gloom, it’s good to remind yourself of this important truth: The Universe is always working for you.

The Supreme Lord loves you and cares for you, but He will also never hesitate from striking the strings of your heart until your soul becomes humbled, disciplined, and virtuous; until it aligns and blends with all the pure and pristine euphony of His established laws and the eternal harmonies of His own being.

Oh, the sweetness that dwells in a harp of many strings,
While each, all vocal with love in a tuneful harmony rings!
But, oh, the wail and the discord, when one and another is rent,
Tensionless, broken and lost, from the cherished instrument.

For rapture of love is linked with the pain or fear of loss,
And the hand that takes the crown, must ache with many a cross;
Yet he who has never a conflict, wins never a victor’s palm,
And only the toilers know the sweetness of rest and calm.

[Source: Cowman, Mrs. Charles E.; Reimann, Jim. Streams in the Desert (p. 52). Zondervan.]