walking with faith: trusting in the goodness of life

walking with faith: trusting in the goodness of life
Photo by Erik Dungan / Unsplash
“Faith is trusting in the good.
Fear is putting your trust in the bad.”
— Rhonda Byrne

No matter what crossroads we find ourselves at in this odyssey of life, we always have two companions by our side: faith and fear. Think of faith as a friend who believes in the goodness all around, like a cozy sunbeam on a chilly day. It's like stepping onto a bridge without being sure where it leads, but believing it will take us somewhere wonderful.

Fear, on the other hand, behaves like a shadowy figure, making us doubt and worry. This fear often arises when we let our thoughts wander to the negative outcomes that might never happen. It's like shutting the door to adventures because we fear what might be lurking outside.

The former makes you feel expansive and gives you much-needed courage to take on a challenge, while the latter contracts you and prevents you from capitalizing on your untapped potential.

Consider this: Imagine you have been invited to speak in front of a big group. Faith would be the cheerleader saying, “You can do it! Believe in your voice!” But fear would be the doubter whispering, “What if you embarrass yourself? What if they laugh?”

When we choose faith, as Helen Keller did despite her challenges, we can soar to unexpected heights. She believed that even in darkness, there was light waiting to be found. But when we let fear drive us, we might miss out on great things, just like the person who never tries to swim because they're afraid of the water.

In the end, it's like Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. said, “It's faith in something and enthusiasm for something that makes a life worth living.” So, let faith be your guiding star, helping you trust in the good around you. Keep fear in check, letting it remind you to be cautious but not to be controlled.

Just remember, in this journey of life, you hold the steering wheel, and you choose whether to follow the path of faith or the road of fear.


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