you must adjust your vision

you must adjust your vision

“Change your vision and your vision will change you.”

— Gaur Gopal Das

Negative vibrations never lead to anything good. Choosing to dwell in them is always a bad decision on our part. It’s best to get ourselves onto the positive frequencies where our desires and dwells reside. Rather than focusing on what isn’t, we must focus on what can be

You must believe that the Universe has your back, and trust that all your needs will be met and things will get taken care of. You must adjust your vision so that the fog lifts up and you start to see things clearly. 

Start looking at everything with a fresh and new pair of eyes: eyes that are grateful, appreciative, positive, and only see the good.   

As you trust the Universe and let go of control, you will naturally feel empowered. Life will again become a spectacular adventure.