you must choose the right talent over family

you must choose the right talent over family
Photo by LinkedIn Sales Solutions / Unsplash

Many people, especially if they’re involved in a family business, tend to hire their immediate family members and blood relatives for important positions in their company. But often in my personal opinion, this just opens Pandora’s box and brings countless troubles both in their work and family life. As Darren Hardy remarks, “It is not a matter of IF you are going to run into problems working with family, it is only HOW BAD the troubles will be.”

Of course, if a particular family member, say your son or daughter, has proper training and experience and possesses the needed talent for a particular job or project in your company, then that’s a different story. It’s never wrong to choose the best candidate you can find for the position. It’s true you might still encounter some complications, but with due diligence, maturity, and the discipline to compartmentalize work and personal lives, things might still work. Setting some ground rules beforehand is key. The best example that comes to my mind in this regard is the working relationship between Dave Ramsey and his daughter Rachel Cruze at Ramsey Solutions.

However, choosing a family to fill a key position just because they are your own blood is a poor strategy. It’s a sign of laziness and an act of nepotism that must be avoided in all conditions. It not only harms the company and your business prospects in the long run but also causes countless troubles and strains the relationship. No wonder the reason why 70% of small family businesses fail is relationship issues.

In a nutshell, it’s always best to keep your professional life and personal life separate and not let either of them spill into the other. This not only makes things simple but helps you maintain a stress-free environment both at work and at home. Moreover, in business matters, your priority must be to always recruit the right person for the job. This is key to your company’s growth and success. Talent trumps family connection.