break the chains of limited thinking

break the chains of limited thinking
Photo by Fey Marin / Unsplash
"Your task is not to change the world; it is to change yourself. The world is, after all, just a reflection of your own mind." - Jack Kornfield

Today, make a commitment to break free from a belief in limits. Come to a realization that there are no boundaries in the Universal Consciousness. You are always surrounded by ease, abundance, and good fortune; it’s your self-imposed limitations that keep you stuck in one place and stop you from living a magnificent life. “Miracles,” as Deepak Chopra once remarked, “happen every day. Not just in remote country villages or holy shrines halfway across the globe, but here, in our own lives."

The entire universe is like a vast field of quantum possibility, where nothing restricts what love can achieve. Resolve to no longer bow before the ego's demands of scarcity and lack. Instead, choose to wholeheartedly embrace the infinite abundance of God's universe.

As you face the world today, live in alignment with the limitless nature of the Universe. Carry with you the understanding that anything is possible and that no appearance of scarcity or fear can overpower the will of the Almighty. Realize that God is love, and fear is merely an illusion. As you acquire this gem of wisdom, you naturally become a worker of miracles, a channel for divine grace, and a beacon of light in a world that is hungry for peace, love, and brotherhood.

Take it easy and step forward confidently, knowing that the power of love within you can accomplish great things. Let go of any limitations that have held you back in the past and embrace the boundless potential that lies before you. Let your actions and intentions be guided by the understanding that you are connected to a higher power, and through love, you can create positive change.

Go ahead and radiate the energy of possibility and abundance with each step you take. Be a shining example and inspire others with your unwavering faith and the miracles you manifest. Be the hero that the world deserves, and let your presence bring comfort and peace to those around you, as you embody the essence of divine love.

. . .

Here’s a short prayer written by Marianne Williamson to help you break free of all your limiting beliefs:

May I be freed of thoughts of worldly limits today, remembering that the children of God are bound and not free. May God’s spirit deliver me beyond the narrow confines of fear-based thinking. May I be delivered to the infinite possibilities of love. Break me free, dear God, of the ego’s claims of what is possible, what is to be expected, and what is permitted by its harsh assessments of who I am.