designing a thanksgiving lifestyle

designing a thanksgiving lifestyle

The holiday of Thanksgiving is upon us here today. It’s a wonderful tradition practiced here in the US when loved ones and friends get together and appreciate each other. Presence and presents are exchanged without any guilt, selfishness, or expectations. It’s a great time of the year with smiles and cheerful conversations everywhere. But why reserve thankfulness and giving to a particular day, weekend, or holiday season? Why not go beyond?

This custom is not only reserved for the US and Canada but it can be practiced anywhere in the world at any time of the year. Thanksgiving needs to become a lifestyle and a life-long discipline that we practice every day. In that way, we will be able to collect and cherish more moments of goodness and kindness in the course of our lifetimes, hence living a much more meaningful and fulfilling life.

This blog is all about taking action every single day and that counts for Thanksgiving as well. We have so many opportunities in our daily lives to say thanks and give in so many different and unique ways: a smile to a stranger passing by, a random act of kindness, a hug, or a word of appreciation.

There are countless ways to show gratefulness, not only to our loved ones and the people that are close to us, but also to the people that we meet every day, nature, the divine orchestration, and the wonderful events that have happened or are about to happen in your life.

It’s not only gratitude but also an appreciation of things that can help us access the happiness within.

Make expressing gratitude and appreciation a daily discipline. As I have discussed before, my personal discipline is that I write down 5 things I’m grateful for every morning and the 3 good things that happened during that day every night in my journal before I go to bed. It not only helps me in my practice of being grateful but it also helps me in getting tuned with the beautiful things and events that happen in my daily life with an open mind and a full heart.

Thanksgiving should not be an excuse where you spend a certain amount of time with your loved ones and you’re done for the year. But rather it should be practiced on a consistent basis. 

The most precious gifts that we can give to others are our time, our attention, and our presence. And we need to learn how to give these gifts away freely without expectation of any outcomes or any selfish motives. Only then we will be able to convey our gratitude and appreciation and be able to give in the purest way. 

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PS: I want to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude and say a big THANK YOU to you. I truly appreciate you joining me each and every day and being a part of my journey and this wonderful community of daily achievers. Helping and serving you keeps me inspired and energized, and I’m immensely grateful for your presence and your support. I promise that I will continue to inspire, motivate and educate you with this podcast and future projects.

Happy Thanksgiving! Have a great time today with your near and dear ones.