don’t look back, look ahead

don’t look back, look ahead
Photo by Anna Vi / Unsplash

Your past does not equal your future.

You can either be a prisoner of your past or the architect of your future. You can’t be both. What you choose today determines your destiny.

Temporary defeats, as gruesome as they might be, are not permanent failures.

Let go of the baggage. Forgive yourself and others. Regain your lost confidence. Align yourself with your personal legend. Unleash your genius. Be brave and explore uncharted territories. Eliminate the limits you’ve put on your imagination. Banish negativity and elevate your vibes.

Life is full of treasures. Commit to doing more and experiencing more. Let go of mediocrity and design a life that reflects and honors your greatness.

No matter what others say, you have infinite potential and you’re meant to live an incredible life. So dust yourself off and keep marching forward, your glorious future awaits you!