love and enjoy your single life

love and enjoy your single life
Photo by Stephanie Cook / Unsplash
"The most profound relationship we'll ever have is the one with ourselves. Loving ourselves first is the key to finding a genuine and fulfilling love with another." - Mandy Hale

Love is a beautiful thing that involves two people coming together in a special way. It's all about building a connection and feeling excited and enthusiastic about each other. There's a kind of magic, a chemistry that makes you attracted to someone and them attracted to you. Love is about giving and receiving, being open and affectionate, and allowing yourself to grow as individuals and as a couple. It's filled with romance and accepting each other for who you truly are, without holding anything back.

But here's the truth: not everyone you find attractive will feel the same way about you. Similarly, not everyone who finds you attractive will make you feel the same way about them. That's just how life works. However, among all those people, there will be a small number who you will share an intense and passionate chemistry with. It's as if you were meant to meet and be together in a way that feels almost magical, like it was orchestrated by a Higher Power.

Most individuals encounter a handful of truly remarkable romantic lovers over the course of a decade. These are the people with whom you instantly click. You understand each other without even speaking. And it feels as if you've known them forever, like you have a deep connection from the start. These individuals are truly rare and special. It's similar to finding a new best friend—how often does that happen? Not every day, but when it does, it's a truly remarkable and unique occurrence.

Therefore, if you're not in a relationship right now and looking for one, or if you recently ended a relationship, it's important to take some time for yourself. You need to reach a point where you genuinely enjoy being single and love your life as a single person. This means having a life that's filled with good things like friends, family, and enjoyable activities.

Find things that you're passionate about and that bring you joy. Take part in activities that make you happy and create good memories. It's during this process of enjoying your life and finding happiness that you become a content, whole, and fulfilled person. Once you've reached that happy place, you'll be ready to find someone else who is also happy, complete, and fulfilled. This way, you can share your own sense of wholeness and happiness with them.