misused time brings misfortunes

misused time brings misfortunes

“The only luck in the world is the luck you create for yourself.” — Napoleon Hill

“The amount of good luck coming your way depends on your willingness to act.” — Barbara Sher

In the real world, the more you misuse your time, the more misfortunes you invite into your life. When you use your time wisely to pursue your most important goals every day with utmost honesty, sincerity, and hard work, you get the odds in your favor. 

Action is key to attracting good luck. If you keep wasting your precious time and attention on trivial pursuits hoping one day a miracle – a big break, a once-in-a-lifetime deal, a chance encounter, or what have you – would transform your life and lifestyle completely, bad luck would surely befall upon you. 

Every day, each of us has the same 24 hours available to us. If we allot eight hours for work and eight hours for sleep, we still have eight hours in our hands. And what we choose to do with those remaining eight hours has a remarkable impact on the level of success and greatness we achieve in our lives.

Don’t wait to get lucky, make your own luck. That’s how winners win in the game of life!