pithy insights on happiness and contentment (2/3)

pithy insights on happiness and contentment (2/3)
  • Your enduring level of happiness is the sum total of your genetic set-range for happiness, the circumstances in your life, and certain variables under your control.
  • Simply increasing the number of transient positive feelings has no impact on your enduring level of happiness.
  • Each of us has a “happiness set-point” towards which we tend to gravitate to both in good times and bad.
  • The more you develop an awareness of the positive aspects of your past, your present and your future, the happier you become.
  • Suffering is key to living a happy and fulfilling life. It’s best to look at the big picture and perceive suffering as a means to enjoy positive experiences in life.
  • In order to endure suffering with an open heart and mind and make it worthwhile, it’s crucial that we experience it in a certain way — the one that demands cultivating virtues like selflessness, kindness, love and compassion, and contributes to a lasting positive change in the future.
  • As much as we enjoy and value freedom and choice, we are often happier when we have no control over things and can’t change them.
  • If we want to see a change in the external world, we must know our inner selves first. The discipline of going within and understanding happiness — as esoteric and theoretical it may sound — can truly bring some real benefits in our lives.
  • When we feel that we don’t lack anything in our present circumstances, we naturally become happy.
  • If you want to become a genuinely happy person, then you need (1) the right people to spend time with in your life and (2) a profession, vocation or calling that you enjoy and are really good at.
  • Humans at the core are social creatures and a lack of healthy social relations can severely impact our well-being and positivity. Meaningful social connections help us feel better and happier.
  • When our work activities match our strengths, our happiness levels go through the roof.
  • It doesn’t matter who or what you fight against — social and gender inequality, global warming, student loans, child abuse, what have you — when you give away your time, energy, blood, sweat, and your most valuable skills to a mission or a worthy objective that resonates with you, you find meaning in your work, which further propels you to experience deep fulfillment and pride.
  • Whenever we accomplish something, big or small, our well-being gets a major boost.
  • Life is all about relationships, and it’s safe to say that meaningful friendships and associations are the most effective natural antidepressants out there.
  • The best way to combat stress, anxiety, overwhelm, panic and other toxic emotions is to place yourself in a calming and soothing environment.
  • As we battle challenging situations and circumstances in our everyday lives, it’s wise to focus our energies on positive inputs rather than negative ones. This will help us access the happiness within and fall into a healthier, calmer, more relaxed state.