the fiercest gatekeeper

the fiercest gatekeeper
Photo by Aniket Mandish / Unsplash

“You are the gatekeeper

Of Ram’s abode.

No one can enter it

Without your permission.”

(Quatrain 21, Hanuman Chalisa)

. . .

Gatekeepers play a crucial role in Hindu mythology. Like security guards, they protect the deities and maintain peace and integrity inside the perimeter. They keep a constant watch and decide who gets access to the deity and their inner world, and who does not. Hanuman stands firmly as a guard at the door of Lord Ram’s divine abode. The door here symbolizes a boundary — a boundary between outside and inside, wild and civilized, and nature and culture. It marks the thin space between truth and illusion, good and evil, and dharma and adharma. In India, Hanuman’s idol is commonly placed outside the temples, at the entrances of homes, and even on streets, making him more accessible to the general public than Ram, who is usually found enshrined inside. As per popular belief, Hanuman wards off ghosts, demons, ghouls, and other evil forces, including people with malicious intent.

This verse reveals that Hanuman is always standing between the impure, deceitful external world, and the pure, divine being that resides within us. He is always protecting our inner consciousness and conscience, both in good times and bad. Chanting his name and praising his glory safeguards us against all negative energies and thoughts, and strengthens our inner fortress. Over time, we become conduits of goodness, positivity, and peacefulness.

. . .

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