untangling life's problems with heavenly help

untangling life's problems with heavenly help
Photo by Dewang Gupta / Unsplash

A young man once wrote to his father about a personal problem: 

“Once again, just yesterday, I have put this whole matter in the Lord’s hands, and asked Him to guide me about it all. I often think of how I’d get my fishing line all tangled up. The more I pulled the worse it got. Finally, I’d hand the whole thing over to you, and you’d smooth it all out. So I generally do that with my problems now; and I’m trying to learn not to pull at the line much, before I give it to Him.”

(Source: The Sunday School Times)

Life can get messy sometimes. As time goes on, our problems seem to multiply and get more complicated. Before we know it, everything feels tangled up like a big knot of yarn. We struggle to figure out where to even start untangling things. The more we try on our own, the more frustrated we get. 

But there's a better way. Instead of struggling alone, we can hand our problems over to God. He sees the full picture when we only see a tangled mess. He knows exactly how to gently loosen the knots and smooth out the wrinkles. He works with infinite wisdom, patience, and love. 

When we let go and trust the Almighty with the tangled parts of life, the knots start to unravel. Things become simpler. Solutions appear that we couldn't see before. The problems that once seemed so daunting and hopeless are suddenly not too big for God to handle. 

So next time you feel tangled up in worries and troubles, don't struggle on alone. Lift it all up in prayer instead. Let God take the tangled strands from your hands. You'll be amazed at how he can make sense of the mess and weave all things together for good.

Never forget, what is impossible with you is perfectly possible with Him who is Almighty!

With thoughtless and
Impatient hands
We tangle up
The plans
The Lord has wrought.

And when we cry
In pain, He saith,
“Be quiet, dear,
While I untie the knot.”