you must cultivate a red-hot desire

you must cultivate a red-hot desire

“Many people think they want to be successful, but since they do not back that thought with an intense drive, they never achieve success.”

— Napoleon Hill

In order to succeed, you must act. And if you want to act consistently and tirelessly, you must embrace a purpose that aligns with you with intense, raging desire. 

Burning desire ― this is the primary vehicle that will take you from where you are to where you want to be. The road to victory is never linear and straightforward; you will encounter rejections, frustrations, setbacks, and failures on your way. However, it’s your attitude and your Why-power that’ll dictate your success.

Develop a strong desire within yourself. Feed your mind with positive and uplifting thoughts. Focus on what you want 24/7. Visualize yourself enjoying the feats that you want to accomplish and living your preferred life and lifestyle. This will fuel the flames and ignite a blazing fire of desire within you propelling you forward. 

This is not too different from stoking the furnace of an old-school steam engine. If you want to go further over the hills, you need to build enough pressure that’ll carry you forward. If the fire doesn’t burn hotly enough and doesn’t generate enough steam, the lack of pressure will bring you to a halt and even get you rolling backward. In the same vein, if your desire lacks intensity and drive, you either get stuck or start falling behind on your success journey. As Napoleon Hill puts it, “The secret to action is a red-hot desire.”

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