victimhood leads to powerlessness

victimhood leads to powerlessness

Our attachments and addictions keep us entrapped and because we lose grip over our own behaviors, we feel we have lost all control. We become victimized. We think life is happening to us and our fate is decided. There is no way the tables can be turned and we are doomed. The more we try to escape the life outside, the more the life inside us escapes.

When we get seduced by victimhood, we lose our power. Every human has an untapped power inside him or her and if we are not aligned with it, we start believing that we are just frail Earthlings not good for anything and just passing time and tolerating the sequence of events that happen in our lives.

Victimhood is not an option for us. Every story of recovery and redemption begins with a choice, a choice to become a victor and take control of our life.

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