what would make you happy?

what would make you happy?
Photo by Artem Beliaikin / Unsplash

“What do I need right now to be happy?”

As we lose ourselves in the daily grind and the labyrinths of responsibilities and obligations, we often forget to ask ourselves this one key question.

How are you feeling right now? Is there something you can do for yourself that would make you feel good, help you feel light and light-hearted, maybe get your heart racing again with excitement, or want you to break into a dance move right away?

Some of us never ask ourselves this question. And some who do never make an attempt to find an answer. We get “busy” with stuff and never take the time to pinpoint what thing or activity would make us happy and feel good. And then we wonder why life feels so hard, so monotonous, so challenging and unsatisfying.

As Melody Beattie writes in her book Journey to the Heart, “Discovering what would make us happy can help us through any difficulty in life. It can help us through the quieter moments of our day. It can help us make larger, more significant decisions. It can help us in our work. Especially if we look in our hearts and answer honestly.”

Take a step back and ask yourself this simple question: “What would make me happy?” It might seem like a surface-level question, but it can bring some deep and profound changes to your life.

As you answer this question and act on it, you embark on a beautiful journey — a journey that leads you to joy and helps you live in accordance with your personal legend. You realize that you have the power to create your own destiny; to choose a life that honors your best interests; to make happiness and feeling good an integral part of your life.  

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